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Standard enrollment verifications provide confirmation of enrollment status (part time/full time), enrolled terms and dates of attendance. Degree verifications typically provide dates of attendance, degrees conferred and majors and minors.

Request to have your enrollment at Hope verified 

Below, you can find more information about standard enrollment verifications, special verifications for jury duty or confidential information, helpful information for parents and degree verifications.

Verifications typically take 2–4 business days to process. We are unable to accomodate form/verification pick ups at this time; please provide an email or mailing address where you would like it to be sent.


To receive a standard enrollment verification that includes your name, permanent address, semesters enrolled and full- or part-time status, complete the enrollment verification form and email it to us.

Anticipated graduation date will be included only if you check that box and write in the semester and year.

We are unable to confirm enrollment for a future semester, but we can confirm if you have registered for classes for that semester.

If you would like additional information included on your verification, make note of it in the bottom right-hand corner of the request form or in your email. If any of that information is confidential (GPA, schedule, ID number, etc.), you will need to consent to its release. See the “confidential information” section below.


If you need proof of enrollment or future registration for jury duty, we have a standard letter that we send to the court, along with an enrollment verification. On the enrollment verification request form, write the name and address of the court to which the letter should be addressed, along with your juror number or other court identifying information that we may reference in the letter.

The letter and enrollment verification is typically sufficient to be released from jury duty, but if the court specifically requests additional information, note that on your form.

We are happy to complete any forms given to you by your insurance company or another third party. Be sure to sign the form if it requests anything confidential — see below for more information. If possible, email is the form and we will print and complete it. Let us know in your email how you would like it back — emailed or mailed to you or someone else, or if you are picking it up. See above for pick up hours and guidelines.

Per FERPA, any of your confidential information such as GPA, class schedule, student ID number, etc. cannot be released to anyone else without your written consent. To have any of this information included in your enrollment verification, print the form, sign it by hand and specify exactly which information you would like released.


If you are a parent or guardian of a Hope student, you may also use the above enrollment verification request form. As noted above, any requested confidential information must be approved by your student with their handwritten signature.

We report enrollment for all students to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) on a monthly basis. The reports include enrollment dates and statuses, estimated graduation date (see more below), and actual graduation date (after the student's degree has been awarded). The Clearinghouse reports the data to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). Your or your student’s loan servicer should be able to locate your student in the NSLDS system.


The estimated graduation date we provide to the NSC is automatically five years after the student’s first term at Hope. For transfers and readmits, it may be less, based on earned credits. We provide five years because not all students graduate in four years. Their loans could potentially be affected by giving an estimated graduation date that is less than their actual graduation date.

If you need documentation of your student's actual graduation date (if your student has applied to graduate or is expecting to graduate before the estimated graduation date), please request an enrollment verification.


Hope has contracted with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications for Hope students. Please note the Clearinghouse charges a fee.


Fall or spring semester.

Full time 12+ credit hours
3/4 time 9–11 credit hours
Half time 6–8 credit hours
Less than half time 1–5 credit hours