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Start a Group

Do you have an idea for a group that’s missing at Hope?

Being officially recognized allows a group to :

  • Reserve space on campus
  • Apply for funding from Student Congress Appropriations
  • Use college services, such as transportation, group email addresses and campus catering

Before you are recognized as an official student group, there are a few steps that need to be taken. Start at Step 1, and reach out to the Office of Student Life if you have any questions along the way.

1. Meet with the Associate Dean of Student Life
Call x7942 to set up a meeting with Ellen Awad, Associate Dean of Student Life. In this initial meeting, you will be asked to provide information about the purpose of your proposed group.
2. Hold an initial interest meeting
Hold an initial interest meeting with other students on campus. Here you will develop a list of students who would like to join the proposed group, demonstrating that there would be sufficient student support.
3. Select an advisor
All Hope student groups must have an advisor who is a current Hope College staff or faculty member. The advisor will oversee all group activities and provide support as needed.
4. Complete the New Student Organization Application
You can come to the Office of Student Life for a blank copy of the New Student Organization Application. The complete application will include an application, constitution, list of interested students and proposed budget. Return the completed application to the Office of Student Life. It will need to be submitted by the 2nd Tuesday of the month in order to be reviewed that same month.
5. Present your proposed group to the Co-Curricular Activities Committee
The Co-Curricular Activities Committee (CCAC) is a group comprised of student, staff and faculty representatives. You will go before CCAC to present your application, constitution and budget and answer any questions they may have.
6. Final approval is granted by Campus Life Board
If your proposed group is endorsed by CCAC, it will go to Campus Life Board for the final stamp of approval.