/ Student Life


Advising a student group benefits both you and the students you support.

As a staff or faculty member, interaction with students is often limited to the four walls of your office or classroom. 

As an advisor, you are gifted a whole new perspective on the student experience at Hope. Advising a student group will provide space for mentoring, leadership training and personal support, and often it is just a lot of fun.

If you are currently considering becoming an advisor to a student group, you are likely thinking, "But what do I actually need to do?" We're glad you asked.

At a minimum, the advisor must be:

  • A member of Hope College's administration, staff or faculty
  • Knowledgeable about Hope policies and procedures such as Risk and Responsibility, campus reservations, Business Services forms and the appropriations budgeting process
  • Willing and eager to communicate regularly with the student leadership of the group, and to provide guidance as needed

Additionally, advisors are asked to:

  • Accompany groups to off-campus events, especially if the event is overnight
  • Sign off on all reimbursements and payments, as long as appropriate documentation is provided
  • Monitor the group's budget and any organizational spending
  • Work with the student leaders through the appropriations budgeting process each spring
  • Help the group set organizational goals on an annual basis
  • Play an active role in the transition of student leaders from one academic year to the next
  • Proactively support the growth and development of the students in the group, by providing both challenge and encouragement

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Ellen Awad, Associate Dean of Student Life.