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Recycling Guidelines


  • The Kletz Market, both coffee shops and all concessions use certified compostable to-go food containers, so please put them into the compost bins located throughout the main areas in the Bultman Student Center and in the Cup & Chaucer cafe.  
  • Use reusable containers as much as possible, including reusable bottles/mugs, tupperware, eating utensils, etc. Creative Dining has reusable “green-clamshells” containers that you can bring back for a new, clean container.
  • Rinse food containers before recycling.
  • Leave labels on and discard lids.
  • All campus cottages/apartments participate in the City of Holland recycling program managed by the city’s waste collection vendor. 
  • We offer composting options for our campus cottages. Please submit a work order if you would like a compost container. Find more information about composting on campus.  
  • See below for the full list of “Blue Bin” recyclable items. Blue bins can be found in all administrative/academic buildings and residential halls.

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Blue Bin Recyclable Materials

  • Cardboard/boxboard (breakdown and flatten before recycling)
  • Mixed office paper (white, color, or glossy)
  • Copy paper/fax paper
  • Manila file folders
  • Maps, brochures and telephone books
  • Magazines, catalogs, junk mail, newspaper and inserts
  • Class schedules
  • Paperback books
  • Plastic containers numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7
    • Hint: Look for the number in chasing arrows.
    • No number? It's not recyclable in the blue bin.
    • This includes plastic deli or fast-food containers (except the EcoWare materials from Dining Services, which are compostable).
  • All steel and aluminum containers and small scrap metal

No hardcover books, paper towel or disposable napkins/Kleenex please. You can rip off and recycle the top of the pizza box if it does not have grease on it.

Please rinse food containers before recycling and no styrofoam, dirty containers or glass.