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Visiting Research Fellows

Since 2003 we have hosted over 25 Visiting Research Fellows and presented their lectures. Topics have ranged from disease and death in the early colony to the Reformed and Christian Reformed missionary work.

We invite applications from qualified scholars for a fellowship offered through the Visiting Research Fellows Program. Up to two fellowships per academic year, each normally for up to 10 weeks, will be awarded. Regular members of the Hope College faculty may be appointed for up to one semester of the academic year.

Criteria for selection of Fellows

Proposals for support must demonstrate that:

  • The proposed research fits the mission statement of the Van Raalte Institute
  • The scholar is qualified to conduct such research
  • The resources of the institute and the Hope College Archives will be consulted


Visiting fellows are provided research space at the Theil-Nyenhuis Research Center, the home of the Van Raalte Institute. We will also make available the resources of the VRI, such as copying and Wi-Fi. Housing is not provided as part of the fellowship.


The Van Raalte Institute expects that a visiting research fellow will:

  • Work on the project outlined in the proposal that was the basis for his or her selection
  • Present a lecture, reporting on the results of her or his work, at a colloquium for faculty, interested students and the general public
  • Agree that a video link of this lecture will be posted at the VRI website
  • Acknowledge the support of the Van Raalte Institute in any publication(s) resulting from the fellowship
  • Provide the institute with a copy of any further publication(s) resulting from his or her tenure at the institute

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