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An Afternoon at Step Up

The clock strikes 4:00pm and I hear footsteps getting louder down the hall. It is Wednesday, one of the many days Step Up students come to Hope College's campus for academic mentoring and support. These middle school students are eager to learn from each other and their mentors. They sign in, pick up their snack, and head toward the classrooms in Dimnent Chapel. For the next hour and a half, students complete homework and grow their academic skills through extra projects and activities. Before long, their day ends at Step Up; the kids feel good knowing they have given 100% toward school.

Quotes from Students

  • “Step Up helps me do better on my homework and study more.” -Anelise, West K-7
  • “It helps me get my online homework done since I don’t have internet at home.” -Jaime, East K-7
  • “It has helped me study for class and in my assignments. This program will help me succeed in middle school and go onto high school and college.” -Erick, Macatawa Bay

Quotes from Mentors

  • “I have enjoyed making connections and helping my mentees to learn more and get more out of their school work.” -Christian, Sophomore at Hope College
  • “What I enjoy about being in Step Up is interacting with kids and being able to help them with their homework.” -Maribel, Junior at Fennville High School
  • “I’ve enjoyed meeting students and mentors and building friendships while helping others.” -Lisa, Senior at Holland Christian High School















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