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Connor Mulcahy ‘14
In my mind, Hope College's geology program is outstanding because it blends together the best features of both large school and small school programs. Because of the program's small size, students quickly form friendships with each other and with the faculty, creating a strong academic community. However, Hope students also have access to the high-tech equipment that is the draw of many larger universities. The crown jewel of Hope's geology program is its research opportunities. Every single geology student at Hope has the chance to do undergraduate research if he or she wants to. This can culminate in students co-authoring papers that are published in legitimate scientific journals or presenting their research at national geology conferences, things that are a big deal even for students at the graduate level.

Wyatt Curry ‘11
I didn’t really understand the benefits of a small college until I experienced the atmosphere at Hope College. Classes are hands on; I know my professors and they take a genuine interest in how I am doing. I have also been able to travel to several states and to Argentina with the department for classes and research all in my first two years.

Megan Haserodt ‘11
Being a student in the GES department has allowed me to enjoy the benefits of a small major while utilizing the technology of advanced laboratories and expertise of a highly adept faculty. Plus, who else gets to go on awesome field trips and does lab work outside? What can I say…the department rocks (literally)?