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Lilly Scholars

Lilly Scholar's interacting at a retreat.-------Lilly Scholars discussing a reading.

Students are nominated for this program by one or more members of the college's faculty and staff and selected by an application process that takes place each spring for the upcoming academic year. Participation in this program is often limited to juniors and seniors and may qualify you for scholarship assistance as part of your financial aid package.

Students in good standing are nominated who might be considering attending a theological seminary or similar graduate program in theology or religion. Perhaps you've discerned a call to ministry, or perhaps you're just vaguely considering the possibility. Or perhaps the thought has never even crossed your mind! But in any case, at least one Hope staff or faculty member thinks that you have shown evidence of certain gifts for graduate study in this area.

This program recognizes some of the best and brightest students that Hope College has to offer for the future leadership of the church and the academy. Students are invited to apply to become Lilly Scholars if they have a solid GPA (3.6 is the normal cutoff) and at least some interest in the possibility of pursuing graduate work in theology, ministry, or a related field. This work can be at a theological seminary, a university divinity school, or, in some cases, in other kinds of graduate programs.

Students selected fo this group attend the Lilly Scholars Seminar, which typically meets one to two times per month throughout the academic year. Students will be expected to do a very small amount of reading in preparation for these events. At these meetings, students will discuss topics related to theology and ministry.

The Lilly Scholars program was an initiative of The CrossRoads Project, Hope College's program for the theological exploration of vocation (funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc. -- thus the name of the program). The CrossRoads Project has helped students think about their calling and their future direction in life. Lilly Scholars is now administered by the Center for Ministry Studies.

Fall 2016 Schedule

Thursdays from 5:30pm-7pm

September 21 - Van Zoeren 250
October 5 - Van Zoeren 250
Ocboter 19 - Maas Conference Room / Philps line
November 2 - Van Zoeren 250 / boxed dinner
November 30 - Maas Conference Room / Philps line

Questions? Contact Shelly at

Advisor, Dr. Andrew McCoy

Lilly Scholars Past and Present

Advisors Over the Years

2015-2016 Derek Taylor & Dr. Andrew McCoy

2014-2015 Dr. Andrew McCoy

2013-2014 Dr. Trygve Johnson

2012-2013 Dr. Andrew McCoy

2010-2012 Dr. David Cunningham

2005-2010 Dr. Steven Hoogerwerf

2004-2005 Dr. Lynn Japinga

Lilly Scholars year-end dinner at Alpenrose April 2016.

Lilly Scholars 2015-16Advisors Derek Taylor and Dr. Andrew McCoy

2015-2016 Lilly Scholars

Antenan, Andrea '16
Arthurs, Alexander '16
Barbu, Alexandria '17
Chipka, Jacob '16
Cronau, Jessica '17
Gaddis, Emily '16
Johnsen, Hannah '16
Kain, Jessica '16
McShane, Carly '17
Plaehn, Eric '17
Smith, Cathrine '16
Weaver, Morgan '16
Wright, Matt '16

Lilly Scholars 2014-2015

Lilly Scholars 2014-2015, advisor Dr. Andrew McCoy

2014-2015 Lilly Scholars

Dipre, Kyle '15
Dufek, Katelyn '16
Green, David '16
Johnsen, Hannah '16
Lau, Meghan '15
Longfield, Nathan '16
Morris, Isabel '15
Peecher, Andrew '15
Sheridan, Sarah '16
Smith, Cathrine '16
Taylor, Madeline '15
Weaver, Morgan '16

Lilly Scholars 2010-2011

Lilly Scholars 2010-2011, advisor Dr. David Cunningham


Lilly Scholars 2009 to 2010

Lilly Scholars 2009-2010, advisor Dr. Steven Hoogerwerf


Lilly Scholars 2008 to 2009

Lilly Scholars 2008-2009, advisor Dr. Steven Hoogerwerf

Lilly Scholars 2007 to 2008

Lilly Scholars 2007-2008, advisor Dr. Steven Hoogerwerf

Lilly Scholars 2006 to 2007

Lilly Scholars 2006-2007, advisor Dr. Steven Hoogerwerf

Lilly Scholars 2005 to 2006

Lilly Scholars 2005-2006, advisor Dr. Steven Hoogerwerf

Lilly Scholars 2004 to 2005

Lilly Scholars 2004-2005, advisor Dr. Lynn Japinga