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Continuum Scholars Faculty Development Grants

This faculty development program expands the conversation at Hope College about issues of faith, vocation and scholarship and welcomes pre-tenure faculty members into a vibrant experience of faith formation and intellectual engagement with the historic Christian faith.

Our goal through this program and these lectures is to build a community committed to an ongoing conversation about faith, vocation and scholarship.

The application deadline coincides with the Nyenhuis Grant deadline.


As a Continuum Scholar, you will:

  • Participate in a one-week workshop on faith, vocation and scholarship during which you will articulate and explore the following:
    • Theological perspectives on the vocation of scholarship
    • The current state of theological reflection and engagement in your research field(s) and discipline(s)
    • The ecumenical continuum of theological perspectives through which our colleagues at Hope College and within higher education approach their own scholarship
  • Make an on-campus presentation on faith, vocation and scholarship during the academic year
  • Receive a $500 workshop stipend in addition to funding consistent with Nyenhuis Grant guidelines

For questions, please contact Andrew McCoy, director of the Center for Ministry Studies, mccoya@hope.edu.



To apply for a Continuum Scholars Faculty Development Grant, please complete a brief online application in addition to submitting a Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grant application. Faculty who already have summer research funding from a source other than Nyenhuis do not need to complete a Nyenhuis application (in this case, only the Continuum application is needed). Any source of funding outside of the Nyenhuis process still must be indicated on the Continuum application as well as a brief, 250-word summary of your summer research plans. The Continuum application will also ask you to save your answers to the below questions in a Word or PDF document. The application document should not exceed two (2) pages in length with a minimum font size of 11 points. You will upload this document through the online application process.

Template for two-page upload

Continuum Scholars Faculty Development Grant
Application for Summer "______"

Name: "_____________"

  • How might participation as a Continuum Scholar benefit your proposed research? Note: An explicit connection between faith, vocation and your project is not a requirement.
  • What questions in regard to faith, vocation and scholarship (conceived broadly as research, teaching and service) do you want to explore? Why?
  • Describe your previous opportunities to think and learn about faith, vocation and scholarship. Note: Experience exploring these topics is not a requirement.
  • How might an in-depth exploration of faith, vocation and scholarship benefit you at this stage of your career? How might participation as a Continuum Scholar shape potential directions for your scholarship (again, conceived broadly as research, teaching and service) over the next 10 years?


Open to faculty, staff and students, this series features Continuum Scholar grant awardees and is part of a vision for Hope College as a community of faithful Christian scholars.

In order to build this, we — faculty, staff and students — need to meet with one another in fellowship to discuss how the breadth of meaning inherent in terms like “faith” and “scholarship” creates a depth of their possible integration. We are not chairing the discussion of faith, scholarship and vocation here at Hope College — no one is. The point is neither to impose a particular view nor to require anyone to learn, teach, research or serve a certain way. The discussion is to help build a community of Christian scholars faithful to the mission of integrating the lives of the mind and of the spirit, a community whose members are comfortably vulnerable about how they define and live out these terms and their relationship to one another and a community that enacts and models the virtues of civil discourse for all to see.

Academic Year

Presentations are monthly throughout most of the academic year and open to all faculty, staff and students. A few previous presentations are highlighted at the bottom of this page.

Summer Series

A six week summer series incorporates small group discussion open to all faculty, staff and students. Join us each Thursday from late May to mid-July for six weeks from 8–9 a.m. Dates will be posted in early May.

Faith and Scholarship Presentations by Continuum Scholar Faculty

video thumbnail
"The Bible, Faith, and Reason" - David DeJong (Religion)
video thumbnail
"Mothering, Mentoring, and Sex Trafficking: What does any of this have to do with Christianity?" - Dr. Llena Chavis (Social Work)
video thumbnail
"Stories of Truth from the Lab" - Dr. Amanda Eckermann (Chemistry)
video thumbnail
"Stories of Truth from the Lab" - Dr. Chad Carlson (Kinesiology)
video thumbnail
"(Re)Reading the Classics through Faithful Eyes" - Dr. Steve Maiullo (Classics)
video thumbnail
"Why Economics Needs the Christian Tradition and the Liberal Arts" - Dr. Steven McMullen (Economics)
video thumbnail
"An Integrated Way of Life" - Dr. Courtney A. Peckens (Engineering)
video thumbnail
"And Who Do You Think I Am? Sociology, Faith, and Interactions" - Dr. Aaron Franzen (Sociology)
video thumbnail
"Higher Learning: Poverty, Access, and Education" - Dr. Temple Smith (Sociology)
video thumbnail
"A Christian Perspective on Engineering as Cultivation and Restoration" - Dr. Matthew Smith (Engineering
video thumbnail
"Why You Should Sleep: A Neuroscientific and Christian Perspective" - Dr. Andrew Gall (Psychology)
video thumbnail
"The Relationship Between Mental Disorder & Religion" - Dr. Kate Finley (Philosophy)
video thumbnail
“Faith and the Field: A Biologist's Journey to Understanding Vocational Calling” - Dr. Kelly Ronald (Biology)
video thumbnail
“Exploration of the Powerhouse: Working Towards a Deeper Understanding of Mitochondria Function” - Dr. Kristin Dittenhafer-Reed (Chemistry)
video thumbnail
“Soli Deo Gloria: Glorifying God through Understanding Associations of Health and Religiousness” - Dr. Alyssa Cheadle (Psychology)
video thumbnail
“Peer Relationships and Sport Commitment” - Dr. Olufemi Oluyedun (Exercise Science)
video thumbnail
“Oyez, Oyez: God Save the United States and this Honorable Court” - Dr. Rachel Schutte (Political Science)
video thumbnail
“Art Can Help: How Making and Experiencing Art Has Changed My Life” - Greg Lookerse (Art)
video thumbnail
“Let There Be Light: A Reflection on the Theological and the Theatrical” - Eric Van Tassell (Theatre and Dance)
video thumbnail
“Celebrating the Blessedness of Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom” - Mihyun Han (Education)
video thumbnail
“Finding My Place in the Crucible of Creation” - Zach Williams (Physics)
video thumbnail
"Research in the Context of Faith" - Lauren Slone (Psychology)
video thumbnail
"Building Up the Body" - Brooke Odle (Engineering)