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Off-Campus Study

Studying in another part of the world or country can be a valuable part of your academic journey, and an instrumental experience for your career in the arts.

It's important to meet with your academic advisor regarding courses you plan to take off campus and how this fits within your academic plan, particularly counting credits toward your major and providing appropriate course descriptions. 

Some things to consider as a studio art or art history major as you plan your off-campus study experience:

Studio Art

  • We recommended studying off campus in the spring semester of your sophomore or junior year
  • Studio art courses you could take include basic studio courses, pending portfolio reviews after taking the class.
  • We highly recommend the New York Arts Program

Art History

  • Recommended times to study off campus are:
    • Sophomore year, spring semester
    • Junior year, fall semester
    • Junior year, spring semester
  • Art history courses you could take counting toward your major include 200-level period courses that take advantage of the off-campus study location
  • We strongly encourage you to study abroad for second language acquisition. You may also consider a full-year of off-campus study in your junior year.

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