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BBB (Tribeta) Honor Society

The Tribeta honor society is open to biology majors who meet certain academic criteria and show an active interest in participation in Tribeta activities.  Students are invited to join the Tribeta honor society if they meet this criteria and are inducted into the club during the spring semester. Contact the Tribeta honor society officers for further information.

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Kelly Ronald

Biology Club

The Biology Club is open to all Hope College biology majors, prospective majors or just persons with an interest in biology.  The Tribeta honor society officers run this biology club. Contact the Tribeta honor society officers for further information. 

Club Animalia

Club Animalia was created in 2006 by then biology student, Molly Lien (Biology alum, Hope College 2007). Molly was a pre-veterinary student who was interested in starting a club for students who had a love for animals and the human-animal bond, but who were not necessarily biology majors. She was also interested in a club that was focused in community service, outreach, and fundraising efforts and wanted a club that provided a “home” for students who wished to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. At the time, such an organization at Hope College did not exist. Molly contacted Dr. Greg Fraley and together they proposed the formation of such a club to the Director of Student Life. After review the formation of the club was approved and officially began during the spring semester of 2006.  For more information, check out Club Animalia's website.