Information Session

Registration question and answer session for mentors and staff.
January 26, 11 a.m.
Schaap 1135
Online registration, Phase 1 – Project Registration

Each project must be registered. If multiple students are presenting a project, only ONE student needs to register the project. All projects must be registered by February 9.
January 18–February 9
Register >>
Online registration, Phase 2 – Abstract

On the registration form (Phase 1), the student researcher will be given the option of entering an abstract. A link to the project-specific G0ogle Doc will be sent to the student researcher and mentor and will be editable until the mentor approves the finalized document (by February 16).
January 18– February 16
Mentor Approval

This process can happen any time between registration and February 16. After February 16 the document will be locked and no longer editable. Please be sure to complete this step before February 16.
Before February 16
Mentors can check for registered students, type of poster, title of projects, etc. on the Registration Report. January 28–April 21
Poster Training Session

Optional event for students to learn how to create and print quality posters.
March 7, 11 a.m.
Granberg Room (Van Wylen Library)

Submit posters to Print Services for printing. Submit by Monday, April 10, at 5 p.m.
Celebration Event April 21, 2017,
2:30–5 p.m.
Submit posters for loading on Digital Commons.

(Email request will come from celebration@hope.edu)
April 22–May 2
Complete survey of the Celebration.

(Emailed to students by The Frost Research Center.)
April 22–May 2
Abstract book published.

(Request copies at celebration@hope.edu.)
Early May, 2017