/ Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity


Online registration, Phase 1 – Project Registration

Each project must be registered. If multiple students are presenting a project, only ONE student needs to register the project. All projects must be registered by February 25.

Mentors and students can view a list of registered projects here.

January 20–February 25


Online registration, Phase 2 – Abstract

On the registration form (Phase 1), the student researcher will be given the option of entering an abstract. A link to the project-specific G0ogle Doc will be sent to the student researcher and mentor and will be editable until the abstract deadline.

January 20–March 8
Mentor Approval

This process can happen any time between registration and March 10. Please be sure to complete this step before March 10.
Before March 10
Mentors can check for registered students, type of poster, title of projects, etc. on the Registration Report after registration opens. January 20 –April 30

Addition of Asynchronous Materials (optional)

If students would like to publish materials online for asynchronous consumption (for visitors to read before or after the Celebration event), they may do so in a project-specific GoogleDoc that will be created by CURCA staff and made available to students in late March. Only mentor(s), the student presenter(s) and CURCA staff will be allowed to edit these documents.

Examples of asynchronous materials:

  • Links to a larger paper developed out of the research project
  • Links to elements that enhance the presentation like the presentation poster, graphs, bibliographies or additional multimedia materials
  • Links to discussion boards to be moderated by student or mentor
Late March–April 30
Presentation Due to Room Moderator

Students must turn their presentation in to their room moderator the Monday before Celebration so that the moderator has a back-up copy on hand in case of technical issues and so that moderators (often with students) can conduct a dry-run of the presentation before the event.
Monday, April 26, 2021
Celebration Event Friday, April 30, 2021
2:30–5:30 p.m.
Submit posters/presentations for loading on Digital Commons.

(Email request for posters will come from celebration@hope.edu)
April 30–May 7
Complete survey of the Celebration.

(Emailed to students by The Frost Research Center.)
April 30–May 7
Abstract book published.

(Request copies at celebration@hope.edu.)
Early May