/ Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance


Registration is open from January 19 through February 9, 2017. Submitting a registration will create a Google Doc of the abstract for that project. Abstracts are editable until February 16.

Guidelines for 2017

There are two phases to registration:

1. REGISTER (Jan. 19–Feb. 9)

Each project must be registered by a student by February 9. A student may register more than one project. Multiple-author projects should be registered just once by one student. Be sure to be logged in to your 1Hope account when you register. See "Who Needs to Register" below for more information.

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2. EDIT YOUR ABSTRACT (Jan. 19–Feb. 16)

Please follow the instructions under on the abstract page for information about how to access, edit and finalize your abstract.

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Who needs to register

If more than one student is involved in the research, only one student ("lead student") will submit the project for the group. That student will be asked to list all other student presenters (for name tags). Any student listed under the "Presenter Names for Nametags" section of the form will be registered for the Celebration on April 21 and will receive any event-related correspondence.

If a student is involved in the research project but not able to attend the Celebration, the lead student will include them in the "All Students Involved in the Research" section of the form but not the nametag section. This separate section will include all student presenters AND any researchers unable to be present at the Celebration, and will be used for the abstract booklet.

Registering a Second Project

If you will be presenting more than one project, you will need to register both projects separately.

To submit another project, go to the registration form and follow the procedure a second time. Be sure your web browser is logged in to your 1Hope account.

When to Register

Each project must be registered online between January 19 and February 9. If you need more time to decide on a presentation format, changes can be sent to celebration@hope.edu until February 16.

If you need more time to create and edit your abstract, you can do so in the automatically generated Google Doc through February 16.

All registration details should be finalized by February 16.