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For our virtual event in 2021, presentation type will depend on what you and your mentor determine is right for your project.

Presenting a Poster in a Virtual Format

You and your mentor may chose to share a traditional poster on your screen while talking through key points of research. This is an especially wise choice if the poster is likely to be presented at another conference where a poster is mandated. See below for templates and best practices in the creation of posters. Note that you do not need to print your poster. That said, you should have your poster ready to be presented several days before the event so it can be shared with your room moderator and so you can practice presenting.

Presenting using Power Point or Google Slides

Because of the virtual format for 2021, you may decide to create a set of slides instead of a traditional poster.  Consider presenting using a "research blitz" format. Use three slides to highlight the "heart" of your project (slide 1), the "how" of your project (slide 2), and a "surprise" encountered during the project (slide 3). Presenters should spend fewer than 2 minutes per slide and plan time for questions.

Posters and Poster Templates

Most students use a flat poster — 24" x 36" or larger, up to 42" high by 48" wide.

Examples of poster sizes:

Flat Posters, templates

Flat posters 24" x 36" or larger, up to 42" high by 48" wide, presented on a poster board. Typically, two posters are pinned to each side of the board. These PowerPoint templates can serve as the basis of your poster presentation:

Want to try something new? In 2019 Mike Morrison, a Ph.D. student at Michigan State University, introduced a different poster design, recently featured on NPR. Here are three templates to try, all of which are size 36" x 48".

Tri-fold Posters, templates

Tri-fold posters are sized 36" high x 48" wide, with the center section 24" wide and the side sections 12" wide to fit on a tri-fold board. These tri-fold posters are placed on tables.

Tri-fold poster boards are available to pick up at Digital Media Lab Center, 2nd floor Van Wylen Library. Please use these tri-fold boards that the college provides, instead of purchasing your own. You can pick up the poster board when you pick up your printed poster. You may also use the large paper cutter there to cut your poster into the tri-fold sections before taping them on the tri-fold board. There is double-sided tape for your use at the Digital Media Lab Center.

Checklist and information for making a great poster
Tips for Preparing your Poster
If you need help with layout, design, or sizing of your project in PowerPoint, visit the Tech Lab on the 2nd floor of the Van Wylen Library. Staff can also help you submit your project for printing.

Tips for Preparing Your Poster

  • Plan ahead! Please do not wait until the last minute to finish your poster
  • Do not place any text, graphics, etc. within 1/2" of the margin.
  • Avoid overlapping text boxes and pictures.
  • Avoid excessive clutter.
  • Saturated color can be used in small sections, but avoid using it as a background or in large sections
  • Image quality is important. Low-resolution images will appear pixilated or blurry when printed large on a large scale. For best results, scan images from books, use quality digital photos or speak with a reference librarian about high-quality image databases.
  • If you are using this poster for an earlier presentation, please be sure to note that earlier deadline when you print your poster.