/ Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity


Once you’ve done the research, putting a presentation together and getting ready for the event takes some planning.

For 2021, all students will be presenting on a virtual platform. As such, you will have some choices to make about how to present.

In addition, a month before the event you will be sent a Google Doc unique to your presentation. You may add additional materials to this link for visitors to view asynchronously before or after your live talk.

Presenting a Poster in a Virtual Format

You and your mentor may chose to share a traditional poster on your screen while talking through key points of research. This is an especially wise choice if the poster is likely to be presented at another conference where a poster is mandated. See below for templates and best practices in the creation of posters. Note that you do not need to print your poster. That said, you should have your poster ready to be presented several days before the event so it can be shared with your room moderator and so you can practice presenting.

Presenting Using Power Point or Google Slides

Because of the virtual format for 2021, you may decide to create a set of slides instead of a traditional poster. Consider presenting using a "research blitz" format. Use three slides to highlight the "heart" of your project (slide 1), the "how" of your project (slide 2), and a "surprise" encountered during the project (slide 3). Presenters should spend fewer than 2 minutes per slide and plan time for questions.

Preparation & Presentation Details

You will have 6–9 minutes to present your material, with a few additional minutes for question and answer time. This is not a lot of time, so practice and planning are key.

You will be assigned a virtual room to present in and a room moderator will oversee that room. In most cases, you will be paired with similar topics to create some synergy. As a presenter, you are expected to show up to the virtual room at least ten minutes before the start of the session to do a "mic check" with your moderator (confirm that technology is working and you can be seen, heard, and if needed can share your screen appropriately). Presenters will stay for the full breakout session. This allows the opportunity for guests to ask additional follow-up questions if time allows after the last presenter is finished. 

You must send your presentation (poster, slides, sound clips, etc.) to your room moderator by Monday, April 26. If you had planned on sharing your own screen, this is your "back up." If a connection is shaky or technology fails, you may need to call in to your room to present. In that case, your room moderator will share their copy of the slides or poster with the audience instead. 

Your room moderator will reach out to you the week (or a few weeks) before the event to be sure you are ready to present. The moderator may set up a time to do a dry-run of the talk, practicing transitions and asking about preferences for moderating questions.

What to Wear

Please dress in business casual. For men we suggest a shirt with a collar. For women we suggest a blouse or shirt with a collar. You will be representing Hope College to prospective students/parents/donors and the Holland community.

Viewing other Posters

Before or after your session is done, we encourage you to stop in to other virtual breakout rooms and celebrate your classmates' work. Please do not leave a session early if you are one of the presenters. Others may want to ask you questions at the conclusion of the full session. That said, it is fine if you are in a session as a guest and need to sneak out early to set up your own presentation.

If you are one of a few who have back-to-back sessions, be sure to tell your room moderator before hand that you need to leave your first session early to do a mic check for your second presentation. This way there are no surprises at the end of that first session.