/ Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity


Once you’ve done the research, putting a poster together and getting ready for the event takes some planning.

Check here for tips on making and printing a great poster, where and when to set up your poster, what to wear, taking breaks to view other posters, and free food and drinks at the event.

Poster Types and Sizes

You have a choice of displaying your poster as a flat poster on a display board, or using a tri-fold poster board set on a table. Templates are available for various sizes of posters. See Posters for more information.

Printing Your Poster

Hope College students, faculty, and staff can submit posters for printing to Campus Print and Mail Services for general, academic and research purposes. Use the Research Posters button under New Orders for printing your research poster for the Celebration. See Printing for more information.

Setting up Your Poster
Poster Location Assignments

You will be assigned a location to present your poster in DeVos in late March. At that time you will be able to open the event spreadsheet and find your location. Click anywhere on the spreadsheet and then press "control+f" or "command+f" to search for your name or the name of your project. Or you can use the filters at the top to select your department. Once you find your poster location number, check the map of DeVos (also provided in late March) to find your location. 

Poster Set-Up

Posters will be set up in two stages according to your location in DeVos, because Junior Day uses the facility Friday morning.

Setup 1: Thursday, April 12, 12 p.m.–5 p.m.

Main floor: Departments and programs presenting on the main floor will be announced in March and listed here.

Setup 2: Friday, April 13, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.

Upper floor: Departments and programs presenting on the main floor will be announced in March and listed here.

You may set up your poster when it is convenient for you, given the above time frames. Push pins will be provided. All posters should be set up by 2 p.m., Friday, April 13, to be ready for the start of the event at 2:30.

Note: Tri-fold poster boards are available to pick up at Media Services Center, 2nd floor Van Wylen Library. Please use these tri-fold boards that the college provides, instead of purchasing your own. You can direct your poster to be printed at the library when you submit your poster to Campus Print and Mail Service, and then pick up the tri-fold board when you pick up your poster. You may use the large paper cutter at the Media Center to cut your poster into the tri-fold sections before taping them on the tri-fold board. There is also double-sided tape for your use at the Media Services Center.   

Name tags and Programs

A registration table will be at the west (clock tower) entrance of DeVos, where name tags and program booklets will be provided. The program booklet includes the poster location numbers and a map of poster locations in DeVos.

What to Wear

Please dress in business casual. For men we suggest dress pants or khakis and a shirt with a collar. For women we suggest dress pants or knee-length skirt and a blouse or shirt with a collar. Jeans, yoga pants, athletic clothing and short party dresses are not appropriate. Please wear comfortable shoes, since you will be standing by your poster for the majority of the three hours. You will be representing Hope College to prospective students/parents/donors and the Holland community.

Viewing other Posters, Free Concessions

Feel free to take a couple of 15-minute breaks during the event to view other students' presentations and get a snack from concessions. If you have multiple presenters on a project, rotate among yourselves so your poster is staffed at all times. Single presenters should be mindful not to leave their poster when the presenter next to them is absent if possible. 

Free concessions will be provided on the upper concourse for all who attend.