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Leadership Development Program

We provide a leadership development program highlighted by an off-site retreat, to inform and inspire students to grow as effective servant leaders.

Students INSPIRE

Our leadership training makes the case for the Center's definition of leadership as well as three core beliefs.

Definition: Leadership is the skill of inspiring and mobilizing others to achieve shared aspirations.

Core Leadership Beliefs:

  1. Effective leadership is the indispensable ingredient to the success of any group
  2. Each of us can be a unique, highly effective leader
  3. Servant leadership is the optimum model


Show concern for others and a willingness to sacrifice personal status or desires. Recognize a call to stewardship for the talents of the team. Exercise humility.
Be sensitive to and respectful of the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others. Listen intently to understand each person, all made in God's image and His beloved. Persuade through openness and engagement, not coercing through authority.
Deserve the trust of others. Be a person of discipline and virtue so that you can be counted on. Continuously develop your own gifts, knowledge and competence.
Understand the power of shared vision and values for building community. Hold, communicate and champion a compelling vision. Practice foresight on behalf of the team.
Know and appreciate yourself. Be transparent and vulnerable in relationships. Show your character consistently, without pretense.
Enable your team members to flourish and grow towards their potential. Demonstrate agape love, marked by commitment and faithfulness. Be vigilant in managing the resources entrusted to you.
Be firm in adhering to values and principles while in pursuit of excellent results. Show passion, grit and courage in ways that foster the same in others. Approach problems eagerly and with an attitude of hope.

Student Testimonials

"I enjoyed all of the retreat and thought it was an incredible experience. I thought it was inspirational, encouraging and thought-provoking."

"My favorite part of the retreat was the structure of how we work through the meaning of each word of the acronym SERVANT! Of these, I enjoyed the authenticity one best where we got to get others’ thumbprints and see what they liked best about themselves."

Current campus partners: Athletics, Arts & Humanities Division, Center for Diversity & Inclusion, Computer Science Department and the Hope Forward program.