/ Center for Ministry Studies

After Graduation

A studies in ministry minor prepares students to enter ministry in a number of settings.

Job-hunting advice and links from a ministry alum

  • Do your best to visit a church more than once if possible for worship
  • Talk to a few people who attend the church, not just staff
  • Explore every inch of the church website and what comes up in a Google search
  • Investigate the relationship between the church and its denomination; is there a lot of change going on?

Most of the link options below do not have job postings on-line; a hard-copy edition may be necessary or the site may lead you to other options for searching.

Ministry Employment Links

My time in the ministry minor caused me to think outside the box and be more aware of the ways God is constantly working to redeem this broken world back to him. It caused me to confront difficult topics within faith and think about dimensions of faith and salvation in ways I hadn't before, which was challenging but so enlightening.
—Kierstynn Foster ’16