/ Center for Ministry Studies

Degree Program

The studies in ministry minor offers three focused tracks: social witness, worship leadership and youth ministry.

Through coursework, year-long internships and relationships with each other and mentors, students in this program will be prepared for possible future theological education and various entry-level ministry positions in churches and organizations – locally and worldwide.

This program will prepare students for such ministries as:

  • Youth ministry
  • Worship leadership
  • Community development, missions and social agencies
  • Lay ministry within the church
  • Future seminary training and theological education


Timeline and Checklist

first year of program (Freshman or Sophomore)

spring semester
  • MIN 201 Foundations for Theology and Ministry
  • REL 241, 261, 262 OR 263
  • Application (due early March)

Second Year of Program (Sophomore or Junior Year)

  • Concentration course: MIN 321, MIN 323 or MIN 325
  • REL 241, 261, 262 OR 263 (if not already taken)
  • MUS 328: Worship leadership track only
    (Note: this course is offered every other fall semester)
  • Elective course(s)
  • Mentoring begins
Spring Semester
  • Elective course(s)
  • Mentoring continues

Third Year of Program (Junior or Senior Year)

  • MIN 371 Theology of Ministry I
  • MIN 398 Internships in Ministry I
  • Elective course(s)
  • Mentoring continues
  • MIN 372 Theology of Ministry II
  • MIN 399 Internships in Ministry II
  • Mentoring continues