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Liverpool May Term

This May term offers you the opportunity to study international strategic communication and the meaning of community online and offline.

  • Hiking the Lake District, Northern England.Hiking the Lake District, Northern England.
  • A visit to the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.A visit to the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.
  • Students visit All Saints Church, Childwall (est. 11th century), Liverpool, to learn about the role of faith in building community.Students visit All Saints Church, Childwall (est. 11th century), Liverpool, to learn about the role of faith in building community.
  • Enjoying the beauty of the Lake District with Dr. Anderson.Enjoying the beauty of the Lake District with Dr. Anderson.
  • Dr. Dibble enjoying some fish 'n chips.Dr. Dibble enjoying some fish 'n chips.
  • Exploring Swallow Falls, Wales.Exploring Swallow Falls, Wales.

Why Liverpool?

In addition to being a World Heritage UNESCO site and the home of the Beatles, Liverpool is home to Hope's sister school: Liverpool Hope University

During this May term, you'll be encouraged to get out of your comfort zone and be more than tourists — to go out and meet the locals, try traditional cuisine and explore all that this cultural hub has to offer. 

You will learn about the practice of strategic communication in the U.K., as well as the various types of communities present in British culture, including sports, immigrants, the arts and the Anglican parish. Liverpool Hope University will be our home base, as we attend lectures by U.K. professors, meet international students, visit international corporations based in the U.K. and learn about the culture and heritage of the U.K. You'll also learn about building and experiencing community in multiple contexts and understanding the meaning of Christian community.

"I truly believe the communication department has students' best interests at heart when they design May terms. During my time in Liverpool, I learned a ton about myself. I know that's cliché, but it's true. When I left, I had never even been on a plane before, but now I have the confidence that I'm spending a semester in Philadelphia, and know that I can travel with confidence in myself." —Hannah Winegar

Course Credit

You may choose how to apply the four credits for the May term from the following options:

  • COMM 395: International Strategic Communication
  • COMM 399: Internship
  • IDS 174: (CH2 history and literature)