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H2 Dance Co.

H2 Dance Co. logoH2 Dance Co. is a pre-professional dance company affiliated with the Hope College Department of Dance. It provides professional dance performance and touring experience to its student company members and engages its audiences through artistically and educationally diverse programs.

H2’s repertory spans all areas of dance, and seeks to impact its audiences through works that are versatile, dynamic, engaging and inspiring; ultimately presenting dance that is both accessible and thought provoking.

Outreach Opportunities

H2 Dance Co. is available for a variety of dance events and opportunities. All available programs can be tailored to a venue’s needs or wants, and can be combined to create a more in-depth experience.

H2 Dance Co. is available for all types of professionally presented performances. The company can tailor their concerts to fit all varieties of venues and stages, or can be commissioned for site-specific works. H2 Dance Co. can present an evening of diverse and repertory dance (approximately 90 minutes), or can present evening-length works upon request. The company can travel as a full cast (approximately 16 dancers), or can travel in a smaller number to suit space and budgetary costs.
H2 Dance Co. and its directors can be commissioned to set either new or existing works, in a variety of dance forms (ballet, modern, jazz, tap, afro-fusion, hip hop). Works can be created or tailored to meet the needs of any venue (educational, commercial, competition, public or private), and can either be commissioned as a singular choreographic residency or as a larger full company residency.
Teaching/Master Classes
H2 Dance Co.’s directors offer a wide range of master classes as part of a residency or performance, or on an individual class basis. Classes in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, afro-fusion, hip hop, improvisation, contact improvisation and dance composition are all offered through master classes and teaching residencies.

Estimated Performance Costs/Expenditures

Considering H2 Dance Co. for your venue? The following is a general cost analysis. Please be advised that costs will vary depending upon the number of dancers needed for your specific performance requests, the number of days/evenings spent both for travel and performance, travel distance to venue and the length/duration of the performance and/or residency

Performance Fee
  • $1,200 (based on one performance at 90 minutes in length)
Travel Expenses
  • Van rental: $85/van/day (for the full company, two vans are required)
  • Gas/transportation: $90/tank/van/day
Performer Expenses
  • Dancer per diem: $15/dancer/meal/day (three meals per day) – full company concerts consist of 16 dancers
  • Room/hotel: $120/hotel room/day (four dancers per hotel room)
Artistic Director/Choreographer Expenses
  • Artistic director/choreographer per diem: $20/meal/day/ director (three meals per day; average of two directors per tour)
  • Room/hotel: $120/hotel room/day (one director/choreographer per hotel room)
Technical Support Expenses
  • Technical director/assistant per diem: $20/meal/day/technical staff (three meals per day; average of two technical staff per performance tour)
  • Room/hotel: $120/hotel room/day (one technical staff per hotel room)
Additional details

The average performance length of 90 minutes requires an estimated 16 dancers and 2 directors (1 van), and 2 technical staff (1 additional van/vehicle - at a lower rental cost). By adding up the above expenses with the estimated needs of a general performance you can appraise an average cost for presenting H2 Dance Co. at your venue. These costs are subject change for each individual performance request, and a solidified contract with specified costs is required in order to schedule H2 Dance Co. at a performance venue. Some pricing is subject to negotiation (number of dancers, hotel room costs, and technical staff) based upon the needs of your venue, and the nature of the performance. Performance fee is based upon 1 performance at 90 minutes in length. Additional charges may or may not apply based upon additional requests for performance, master classes, lecture demonstrations, etc.