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Alumni Experiences

Read what some of our alumni have to say:

About Professors

  • Worked alongside me to help me grow in knowledge, relationship and vocational passion.
    (Emily Salomon, Class of 2017, Management)
  • They recognized a potential in me even before I did.
  • Their support, encouragement and guidance gave me experiences I never imagined.
  • Their mentorship set me apart from peers from other academic institutions.  
    (Megan Scholten, Class of 2012, Economics)

  • Helped me identify my strengths, build upon my weaknesses and discover my passions. (Chelsea Wiese, Class of 2012, Public Accounting)

  • Went above and beyond to provide me both stellar classroom instruction and unique real-world experiences.  
  • Put their students first, no matter how far-fetched their ideas appear.
     (Samuel Tzou, Class of 2013, Management)

  • Had a genuine interest in my success as a whole person. 
  • Encouraged me to think beyond the norms of society. 
  • Empowered me with opportunities to lead in such a way that challenged others.     (Stephanie Skaff Giles, Class of 2012, Management)

  • Encouraged me to develop reasoning capabilities so I could analyze a situation and offer a solution or recommendation.
    (Josh Jelenek, Class of 2010, Public Accounting)

  • Provided superior technical education, character development and peer-to-peer competition opportunities.
    (Matthew Rutter, Class of 2012, Management)


  • Project-based classes gave me the opportunity to put into practice what I was taught in textbooks, while learning and interacting with top-level managers.  
  • Learned how to apply my ability to critically think and analyze situations in business because of my experiences at Hope.  
    (Stephanie Skaff Giles, Class of 2012, Management)
  • "Empowering others to do what they do best” was the mission that inspired me through the instruction of the Department of Economics and Business and the Center for Faithful Leadership (CFL).  
    (Samuel Tzou, Class of 2013, Management)