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Off-Campus Study

Thinking about studying economics and business in another culture? See the world from a new lens.

Whether you are adventurous and want to study abroad or like the idea of staying closer to home, opportunities abound for learning outside the classroom. 

Internationally, as a department student, you can apply to participate in the Jamaica May Term, London May Term, or China May Term.


Business Majors
  • Most business classes can be taken off-campus. Options include Macro and Microeconomics and Financial Accounting. If in the U.S., Statistics and the upper level BUS and ECON elective. Occasionally, one of the three required upper-level courses of Marketing, Operations and Finance can be taken off-campus.
  • Finance needs to be taken in a capital market similar to that of the U.S.
  • BUS 222 and BUS 401 must be taken on Hope’s campus.
Economics Majors
  • Macro and Microeconomics can be taken off-campus, as well as upper level Economics courses.
Accounting Majors
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting can be taken off-campus, and many of the other courses can be taken off-campus in the U.S.
  • Because accounting standards vary by country it can be difficult to find courses to match. Planning ahead early and studying off-campus during sophomore year is the best way to do this.

Keep in mind that the hiring process for firms who seek majors in our departments start early.  There are many internships and jobs where students are hired in the fall or very early in the spring semester (usually with applications in the fall) of senior year, and some firms expect in-person interviews that fall.

It is important to meet with your academic advisor regarding courses you plan on taking off-campus and how this fits within your academic plan, particularly credits counting toward your major (and provide appropriate course descriptions).

Jamaica May Term 

New for 2020! Visit several cities in Jamaica with business professors to participate in the Jamaica May Term, "Business Development in Jamaican Economy."

Jamaica May Term

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London May Term

London 2016-WimbledonSpend a month with department students and faculty for London May Term exploring the economy, politics and culture of the British as they influence values and attitudes toward business practices.

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China's forbidden cityVisit several cities in China with economics and business professors to experience first-hand “China's Modern Growth.”

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Other economics and business-related experiences in the U.S. and abroad

“Studying at the International College of Management in Sydney, Australia offered me a life-changing and comfort zone-stretching experience. I worked with people from around the world, explored one of the greatest cities in the world, and tried new things every week I was there. From a business perspective, I got to learn how other cultures work and gained meaningful experience at an internship alongside my normal studies.”  
–Ryan Havey ‘17, ISA Sydney, Australia