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Degree Works

Monitor your progress toward degree completion.

The degree audit (Worksheet) is a review of past and current coursework that provides information about completed and outstanding requirements.

If all of your requirements are marked as complete with in-progress courses, including your total overall required credits, your Requirements progress circle will be 98%. This will change to 100% when you successfully complete those in-progress courses.

Navigate to Degree Works in your plus.hope.edu account: Registrar and Student Accounts > Student Records > Degree Works for Students.


Degree Works automatically pulls your successfully completed courses and in-progress courses into their appropriate requirements.

Your worksheet is divided into several areas:

  • Degree block shows your overall degree requirements: cumulative credit and GPA requirements, general education and any majors or minors you have declared.
  • General Education Requirements block details each requirement for your declared degree.
  • Major and Minor blocks will be listed separately for each major and minor you have declared.
  • Elective block uses courses that do not complete a specific general education, major or minor requirement. These courses are still counted in your overall earned credits.
  • Insufficient block uses courses that you have failed, withdrew from or repeated. These courses do not count toward your overall earned credits.
  • In-Progress block lists any courses for which you are currently registered. This will include future terms, if appropriate.
  • Exceptions block shows any substitutions or waivers that have been approved.

Each requirement has a circle to indicate its status.

  • Red/empty circle means the requirement is incomplete
  • Blue/squiggle circle means the requirement will be complete, assuming you successfully complete the in-progress course
  • Green/checkmark circle means the requirement was completed in a previous term

Each red/empty circle will indicate the course(s) you need for that specific requirement. Click the blue hyperlink next to "Still Needed" for a list of courses that fulfill the requirement.

When all requirements in a block are complete, the block itself will have a green/checkmark circle.

Choose one of these formats to view your audit:

  • Student View: default view detailing all requirements
  • Graduation Checklist: concise list of requirements and whether or not they’re complete
  • Registration Checklist: shows only remaining incomplete requirements
If you haven’t declared your major and/or minor yet, refer to the What If topic for details about reviewing major and/or minor requirements before declaring.

If you have not declared your major or are considering changing/adding a major or minor, use the What If option. This allows you to see what your degree audit would look like if you were to declare a specific major or minor.

Choose your desired degree, first term at Hope College and any majors, minors and/or concentrations you’d like to view. Optionally, you can add hypothetical future courses to see how they would affect your audit.

Click the Process What If button to view the audit.

Click here for more guidance for choosing a major. You can also find major and minor declaration forms here.

The Look Ahead option allows you to see how potential future courses would be used in your degree audit. Enter the subject(s) and course number(s); then click the Process New button. Your standard degree audit will display, with the courses you just selected listed in blue text and marked as PLANNED.

This feature is only temporary. You can’t save a Look Ahead audit and it doesn't mean that you have registered for those courses.


The Plans tab is useful for students and advisors to work together to plan each term of coursework to ensure student success. By developing a plan, students will have a clear path of coursework needed in sequential order.

Enter a description, such as "Graduation Plan" or "4-Year Plan." Click the Save button.

  • The Active and Locked check boxes are for features not used at Hope College.
  • If you’ve already created at least one plan, the page will default to a list of your plans. You can create a new plan by selecting New Plan and then Blank Plan.

Click the plus (+) symbol to add terms to your plan.

Add a term button

There are two ways to add requirements to each term:

  1. Add courses by dragging them one at a time from the Courses menu or typing the course subject and number into the box underneath the term. You can also choose courses from the Still Needed menu, which pulls your remaining requirements directly from your degree audit.Add courses menu
  2. Click the plus (+) symbol on the term bar to see different types of requirements.Add a requirement menu
    1. Choice: Use this when you have multiple course choices to complete a requirement. If you don’t have a specific course in mind, you can use the @ symbol as a wildcard or you can select the general education attribute to hold a spot for a certain requirement.
    2. Course: Use this when one specific course is required.
    3. GPA: Use this when you need to earn a certain GPA.
      1. Major GPA is used if you need a certain GPA in your major; choose your major from the list
      2. Overall GPA is used if you need certain cumulative GPA
    4. Placeholder: Use this when you aren’t sure what course you want to take. You can select General Education Course/Elective and add a note about which requirement you plan to do. You can also select Domestic or International Off-Campus.

Delete courses/requirements by clicking the minus (-) symbol in the term bar.

Disclaimer: Always use the course catalog and the class schedule to verify that a particular course will be offered in the term you have selected. Your Plan will not give an error message if you add a course to a term in which it will not be offered.

Click the Save button before exiting.

You can edit an existing Plan at any time by selecting it and then choosing “Edit” from the View menu. You can also delete unwanted Plans by selecting the Delete button.


There are three options on the GPA Calc tab:

  1. Graduation Calculator: allows you to find out what GPA you need to average in your remaining courses in order to achieve your desired GPA at graduation.
  2. Term Calculator: choose the grade you think you will earn in each of your current courses to display your estimated overall GPA.
  3. Advice Calculator: shows how many credits you need to earn at a certain GPA to achieve your desired GPA.