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Major Checklist

The general English major (major code ENGL) consists of 36 credits, ranging from survey courses to writing workshops, from ancient literature to modern novels.

Students pursuing a general major in English (not in creative writing or for secondary teaching) will be required to take a minimum of 9 courses, distributed as follows. They may be taken in any order; however, we recommend starting with ENGL 248.

  Course Title
English 248 Introduction to Literary Studies
  Note: Students are encouraged to take this foundational course as early in their studies as possible, and certainly before they enroll in 300-level courses. 
English 231 Western World Literature I
  Note: IDS 171, 173, or 175 may be substituted for English 231.
Four credits Writing course(s) numbered above ENGL 113
  Note: ENGL 360 Modern English Grammar or ENGL 375 History of the English Language may be substituted.
Six 4-credit courses in Literature Numbered 270 and higher
   Course 1: ________________  Course 2: ________________
  Course 3: ________________ Course 4: ________________
  Course 5: ________________ Course 6: ________________
  Note: At least two must be in literature pre-1800/1850. At least one must be in British literature. At least one must be in American literature. At least one must be in American ethnic literature.

At least three of these courses must be 300-level or higher, and at least one must be 400-level. English 359 Internship in English may be substituted for one of these courses, but whenever possible it should be taken as a 10th course.
GPA At least 2.0 in ENGL