FACES is a program that works to ease the transition process of underrepresented first-year students at Hope. 

FACES focuses on students interested in the Natural & Applied Sciences Division and helps underrepresented first-year students:

  • Transition to life in college
  • Make connections to the Natural & Applied Science Division, Hope College and the Holland area
  • Gain information about careers, study skills and services available at Hope

The success of FACES depends on the dedicated people involved — both first-year students and upperclass mentors. 

First-Year Students 

Joining FACES as a mentee will give you the chance to enhance your community at Hope and grow you knowledge of what the STEM field has to offer. 

Your mentor will support you through the first year transition process, connect you to your new community, and give you a perspective on long-term career planning and personal development.  

Mentee information 


Experienced students in the Natural & Applied Sciences Division apply, train and volunteer their time to mentor incoming students.  As a FACES mentor, you will help an underrepresented freshman transition into Hope while also providing key information about the STEM field. 

Mentor information