/ Fostering a Community of Excellence in Science (FACES)

First-Year Students

If you’re an incoming freshman interested in a STEM field, FACES may be for you.

Joining FACES will give you a chance to grow in your community here at Hope while becoming established in the science division. By gaining insight from a mentor, you’ll have an inside look at potential career options, the services Hope has to offer and many great study tips.

Once you are committed to attending Hope, you will receive an application to apply to the program the summer before your freshman year. You can then fill out the application form, and the mentoring director will inform you of your acceptance. 


  • Be a serious student
  • Be a responsible and active participant
  • Be receptive to advice and council
  • Interact with your mentor for at least two hours each month for two semesters
  • Attend the fall social and orientation where you will meet your mentor and interact with others in the program
  • Commit to being present at four mentee social meetings throughout the year
  • Attend the end-of-the-year event in April

Mentee contract responsibilities