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Off-Campus Study

Studying in another part of the world or country is a valuable part of your academic journey, and an instrumental experience in further preparing you for a life of service and success in a global society.

Caylee Schweppe and friends studying abroadConsiderations

  • You are required to study abroad for one semester (minimum) as a Global Studies major.
  • Most students study abroad during their junior or senior year.
  • Global Studies majors can study literally in all countries. Often, study abroad is linked to interest in a second language or a thematic program.
  • It is quite common for students to gain credit toward their global studies electives.
  • It is important to meet with your academic advisor regarding courses you plan on taking off-campus and how these fit within your academic plan, particularly credits counting toward your major (and provide appropriate course descriptions).

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“My study abroad experience brought life to my Global Studies major. I spent a semester in Ecuador and was radically changed by my time there. I was seeing and experiencing the things that I had been learning about at Hope. I have learned so much more about other cultures and different world issues by living abroad, and I am more passionate about my major now more than ever.”
—Caylee Schweppe

Off-Campus Internships and Applied Learning Experiences

Off-campus internships and applied learning opportunities are another valuable part of gaining hands-on experience in various community, global, non-profit, and other approved settings.


  • Where possible, Global Studies majors are encouraged to explore an off-campus internship, service or applied learning program.
  • This can be done as part of the study abroad requirement through select programs offered via the Fried Center for Global Engagement.
  • Students can also consider pursuing a domestic off-campus internship or applied learning program, in addition to completing a semester of study abroad.
  • It is important to meet with your academic advisor, the Fried Center for Global Engagement, and the Boerigter Center for Career and Calling regarding internships or applied learning programs you plan to take off-campus and how these fit within your vocational goals.

Featured Programs