/ Music Department

Chamber Music

Learning how to make music with one another is a fundamental aspect of our mission. 

Our faculty serve as coaches for various chamber groups, whether instrumental or vocal, classical or jazz. These small ensembles perform at departmental recitals, local churches and Hope College events. 

Woodwind Quintet


The main objective of chamber music is to explore the repertoire written for specific ensembles through rehearsals, coaching and performances.

  • Ensembles will be formed with the intention of staying together for two–four years (i.e., string quartets); however, less traditional groups may be formed for a semester with permission.
  • Members of each chamber ensemble are required to come to each coaching with their instruments/reeds in working order, music, metronome, tuner and pencil.
  • All chamber ensembles will play a chamber music jury at the end of each semester unless the ensemble performs at least a concert per semester (e.g., departmental student recital, student chamber recital, Musical Showcase). Programs must be submitted to the instructor for approval.
  • Members must be enrolled concurrently in an ensemble and/or music lessons.
  • Attendance at each rehearsal is expected.