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Off-Campus Study

Studying in another part of the world or country can be a valuable part of your academic journey, and an instrumental experience in your liberal arts education.

Some things to consider as a Neuroscience major as you plan your off-campus study experience:

  • You are encouraged to study off campus any time that works best with your schedule. Please keep in mind that you must complete the neuroscience capstone sequence (NSCI 411/412) in one academic year. These classes are paired with one another and instructor-specific, and cannot be taken in different academic years. So, if you want to study off-campus in the fall of senior year, the capstone sequence would need to be taken during junior year.
  • It is important to meet with your academic advisor regarding courses you plan on taking off-campus and how this fits within your academic plan, particularly credits counting toward your major (and provide appropriate course descriptions).

“Being a neuroscience major is, for me, about the interdisciplinary nature of science and the way diverse perspectives come together to make a concrete whole. Studying abroad helped me see a wider array of viewpoints, in part because I was taking a more diverse set of courses not offered at Hope, and also because I was experiencing diverse cultural viewpoints.”
—Laura Teal, Composite Neuroscience Major, ’17, IES Dublin, Ireland

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