/ Philosophy Department

Degree Programs

Enrich your college experience by asking the important questions. A major or minor in philosophy pairs well with just about any other program on campus.

Hope’s Philosophy department offers courses that enhance and deepen any field of study: law, politics, religion, history and global studies, to name just a few. Our degree offerings are entirely managable for any student.

Program Outcomes

Hope College students completing a philosophy degree will:

  • Have the fundamental skills needed for reading philosophical texts and for thinking and interacting with others philosophically
  • Understand the history of philosophy
  • Understand the techniques and pursuits characteristic of representative types of philosophical undertaking and will apply and integrate their accumulated philosophical expertise at the advanced undergraduate level
  • Discuss issues philosophically in curricular as well as co-curricular contexts
  • Demonstrate how the study of philosophy connects with the real-world concerns of their lives

A Major for All

Philosophy is for everyone. We work hard to make sure a philosophy major or minor fits easily within your academic and future goals. When pursuing your vocational call, no matter the field, consider pairing philosophy with any program at Hope.

Ask about pairing your major or minor with philosophy 

“I would strongly encourage considering a major in philosophy, as well as possibly combining it with another major or an internship of some sort.”
—Megan Florian ’07