/ Pre-Law Program

Pre-Law Society

We are a student-led organization open to anyone, from freshman to senior, who has an interest in law or pursuing a legal career.

The Pre-Law Society provides opportunities to interact with practicing lawyers and other legal experts. The society hosts seminars on a variety of topics relating to the LSAT, applying to law school and much more. And it’s an excellent way to get to know and develop camaraderie with other pre-law students on campus.

Our regular events include the following: 

  • The Hope Pre-law Forum, where admissions representatives of regional law schools come to campus to interact with interested students
  • Movie nights showing films with a legal or law school theme
  • Discussion panels with area attorneys over dinner
  • Panel discussions with Hope seniors who have just completed taking the LSAT and the law school application process
  • Group advising sessions with Hope pre-law advisors
  • Tours of local law firms
  • Hosting law-related speakers on campus, including Michigan State Supreme Court Justice Robert Young, federal district court judge Robert Bell and past president of the Michigan Bar Association Bruce Neckers
  • Panel discussions on alternative legal careers