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Preparing for Law School

There are a number of important steps to take to get ready for law school, and Hope provides plenty of resources to help you prepare.

Hope College, like virtually all other colleges and universities, does not have a specific pre-law major. This is because there is no best path to law school. There are no required courses for students with a desire to go to law school, nor is any single major better than another. Deciding your major should be based on your genuine interests and intellectual strengths. 

The best approach is to pursue a challenging program of study, one you find appealing and in which you are likely to do your best work. It is one’s performance in college, more than any specific program or courses taken in college, which law schools are interested in. You are likely to do best, and therefore be a more attractive candidate, if you are studying subjects that motivate and interest you as a student.

The most common areas of concentration for those considering a legal career are business administration, English, economics, history, philosophy and political science. However, you can major in anything from interpretive dance or Spanish to biology or environmental studies and still go to law school. The most important thing is to pick a major or discipline that truly engages and challenges you.

Though Hope does not offer a pre-law major, we still offer an impressive array of courses that can help you best prepare to succeed in law school:

Meaningful outside experience will also enhance your law school application. Work or internship experiences, significant extracurricular involvement, study abroad and other honors may serve to distinguish you from other law school applicants with similar numbers. However, do not fall into the trap of building a list of activities a mile long. Settle on a few limited activities, and get involved in a meaningful way, even in a leadership capacity.