/ Washington Honors Semester

Student Testimonials

“The Washington Honors Semester was unquestionably the most transformative learning experience for me during my time at Hope College. From dynamic, hands-on internships to experiencing life in a vibrant metropolitan city, I left Washington with a better understanding of what I am passionate about and what I want to do with my degree.”
Justin Morales, ’14

Students in D.C. with cherry blossoms“I grew more personally and professionally during this semester than the rest of my college years combined.”
David Nyitray, ’07

“The Washington Honors Semester was by far one of the influential semesters of my life and one that all Hope students should experience, no matter what your major. It is filled with opportunities for every career path. Living in D.C. gave me a taste of what my future holds for me. The friendships, memories, life lessons and networking connections that I made were some that I will carry with me through the rest of my life.”
Amy Alvine, ’12

“The political science department offers the Washington Honors Semester, affording students an outstanding opportunity to both advance their academic education and gain practical field experience in the fast-paced atmosphere of Washington, D.C.”
Eric Schmidt, ’09

“The Washington Honors Semester helped me develop professionally by interning in the House of Representatives and having several unique and valuable experiences. I was able to grow personally through living in the city, spending time with my peers, and being exposed to interesting people and ideas during the interview days. Overall, I took more away from this semester than any I had on campus.”
Michael Savage, ’14

“The Washington Honors Semester is a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to various careers, occupations and vocational paths. The internship experience is augmented by informational interviews that provide an invaluable semester of professional growth. As a bonus, you get to live in the nation’s dynamic and upbeat capitol.”
Samantha Poon, ’14