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Women’s and Gender Studies courses are designed for students who wish to develop insights and skills that foster positive change.

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Major and Minor Overview

In addition to Hope’s normal general education requirements, the women’s and gender studies major consists of:

  • 32 credit hours, including a keystone project

The women’s and gender studies minor consists of:

  • 20 credit hours

All women’s and gender studies majors and minors must take at least one elective course from arts and humanities and the social sciences.

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Women’s and Gender Studies Core Classes

Social Sciences Electives

Arts & Humanities Electives

  • ART 232: Renaissance Art
  • ART 242: Contemporary Art & Architecture
  • ART 360: Women, Art and Society in 18th and 19th Century France
  • DAN 320: 20th Century Dance History
  • ENG 375: Black Women Novelists
  • ENG 495: American Biography
  • FRN 495: Re-imagining the Stage
  • HIST 200: Women in Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 285: Women in Antiquity
  • HIST 352: U.S. Women and Social Changes
  • HIST 357: U.S. Cultural History
  • HIST 364: History of Latino Identities
  • IDS 172: Recovering Silenced Voices in Western Civilization
  • IDS 175: Mythology and Plato's Republic
  • PHIL 195: Sexual Ethics
  • PHIL 295: Feminist Ethics
  • POL 110: Democracy and Human Rights
  • POL 110: Gender, Conflict and Peace
  • POL 110: Gender, Islam and Democracy
  • PSY 240: Human Sexuality
  • PSY 382: Psychology of Gender
  • PSY 395: Psychology of Romantic Relationships
  • REL 264: Christian Feminism
  • REL 349: Women in Religion and Theology
  • SOC 233: Sociology of the Family
  • SOC 271/272: Sociology of Gender
  • SOC 281: Popular Culture
  • SWK 232: Social Work and the Family

Project Galleries

WGS 200 Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies

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WGS 350 Feminist Visions of Justice: Theory and Methodology

Haley Galloway

A screenshot of Haley Galloway's WGS 350 website

View “Feminist Visions of Justice”

Hannah Jones

A screenshot of Hannah Jones' WGS 350 website

View “Feminist Theory and Research”

Corri Zimmerman

A screenshot of Corri Zimmerman's WGS 350 website

View “Feminism”

Hannah Weller

Screenshot of Hannah Weller's WGS 350 website

View “WGS 350 Final Project”

Sylvia Rodriguez

A screenshot of Sylvia Rodriguez's WGS 350 website

View “Feminist Theory Review”

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