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Off-Campus Study

Studying in another part of the world or country can be a valuable part of your academic journey and an instrumental experience in further analyzing the construction of gender within a different cultural context.

Women's and Gender Studies Off-Campus Study pictureSome things to consider as a Women and Gender Studies major as you plan your off-campus study experience:

  • Courses abroad could count toward your major electives if at least 80% of their content focuses on women
  • Courses that must be taken on Hope’s campus are the introduction, keystone and theory courses
  • It is important to meet with your academic advisor regarding courses you plan on taking off-campus and how this fits within your academic plan, particularly credits counting toward your major (and provide appropriate course descriptions)

"My year in Quito, Ecuador, not only allowed me to experience another part of the world, but to live my day to day life amidst another culture. Suddenly I no longer knew how my identity fit with my context, challenging me to think critically and explore the ways that each part of who I am interacted with different aspects of Ecuadorian culture. Moreover, my time abroad allowed me to view the world from a new perspective, broadening my understanding of intersectionality and privilege."

–Sophia Bouma-Prediger ’17, IES Quito Direct Enrollment at La Universidad San Francisco de Quito

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