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waterfall College Requirements

  1. Before the proposal is developed, determine if the project will require a College match/commitment of dollars, equipment, staff, or maintenance during or after the project period. We are especially interested in any commitments beyond the grant period to sustain the project. If so, you must receive written approval of these commitments by the Chair, Dean, Provost and V.P. of Finance before developing the full proposal using the institutional cost-share form, which should be included when routing the proposal (see instructions below).

  2. One month prior to the agency deadline, you must inform your Chairperson and Sponsored Research Office (SRO) of your idea/research project using the Early Notification Form. This form is required for all external grant proposals being submitted from Hope College.

  3. If you wish to apply to a foundation, you must seek permission from the Sponsored Research Office prior to contacting the foundation. This is to assure the foundation isn't being considered as a funding source by anyone else on campus.

  4. One month prior to the deadline, you must complete all human subject or animal use assurance forms with the College. Human subject forms can be found at the Human Subjects Review Board (IRB) site. Forms for animal research are located at the Hope College Animal Care and Use Committee (HCACUC). National Science Foundation requires all proposals to have IRB approval or exemption if your assessment includes student surveys.

  5. Two weeks prior to deadline, you must receive FINAL budget approval from SRO, Chair, Dean.

  6. One week prior to deadline, route an abstract and budget to your Chair, Dean and SRO (in that order) using the grant route sheet. Please do not contact or route the proposal to the President, Provost or V.P. of Finance. The SRO will obtain these signatures if an institutional cost share is required for the project.

  7. One week prior to deadline, contact the Sponsored Research Office (SRO) to determine a date and time the proposal will be submitted. All electronic submissions must be performed by the SRO. Submissions should be made no later than noon on the deadline day to allow for any problems. We encourage early submissions to allow for technical problems and servers being overloaded.

  8. If your awarded grant will be making a purchase in excess of $100,000, a suspension and debarment form must be completed by the company PRIOR to the purchase. See the assurances/certifications page for more details.