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Finding Funding

Discover internal and external sources of funding to support your research and projects. 

External Sources of Support

Various websites provide a host of information on grant, contract, and fellowship opportunities:

Grants.gov Grants.gov is the nation's portal for applying to federal grantmaking agencies. 
Michigan State University Libraries Michigan State University Libraries maintains a list of funding opportunities for individual undergraduate students and faculty.  
National Institutes of Health (NIH)  NIH serves as the nation's largest funder of biomedical and biobehavioral research, education and training projects.  
National Science Foundation (NSF) NSF serves as the nation's largest funder of basic science (including the social sciences) research, education and training projects.  
Funding Alert Systems

Be the first to know about grant opportunities! Several sponsors offer automated email alert systems for their grant opportunities: 

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Updates on AHRQ funding opportunities, agency updates and regulatory updates.
Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) APRA-E periodically releases Funding Opportunity Announcements which focus on overcoming specific technical barriers around a specific energy area. You can sign up to receive APRA-E newsletters. 
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) The EPA allows users to subscribe to agency updates, including new and upcoming grant programs.  
Federal Register The Federal Register is the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules and funding opportunity notices of federal agencies. 
Grants.gov Grants.gov publishes a daily email digest of new, updated and deleted funding opportunities. To enroll, register for an account and request to "add a profile" to affiliate with Hope College. 
Institute for Education Sciences (IES) IES provides periodic updates on funding opportunities through its News Flash service. Additionally, News Flash provides information on newly available educational datasets, conferences, research findings and professional development opportunities.
National Institutes of Health (NIH) NIH publishes a weekly guide of new, updated and deleted funding opportunities.  
National Science Foundation (NSF) NSF allows users to target updates on a specific Directorate or across all NSF Directorates.  
Philanthropy News Digest Philanthropy News Digest publishes private foundation Request for Proposals on a weekly basis. Users may also target notices related to a broad topic (arts, education, etc.). 
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provides updates on funding opportunities, news and research. You can subscribe to email updates
Transportation Research Board The Transportation Research Board provides periodic updates on funding opportunities that align with specific transportation-related subtopics. 
Internal Funding Sources

Hope College offers a number of internal funding mechanisms in support of faculty and staff research and scholarly activity. Funding may support the collection of pilot data, a portion of a larger initiative or a self-contained project.

Continuum Scholars Faculty Development Grants The Continuum Scholars Program aims to expand the conversation at Hope College around issues of faith, vocation and scholarship.
Faculty sabbaticals Faculty sabbaticals are designed to encourage faculty professional development and a period of dedicated time to an intensive scholarly project.
Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grants The Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grant Program supports individual or collaborative research projects during a summer term. 
Towsley Research Scholars Towsley Research Scholars receive summer research funding and a sabbatical to pursue scholarly research. 
Undergraduate Research Hope College offers a host of undergraduate research programs in support of faculty-mentored, student-led projects.  
SMARTS Enrollment

SMARTS is an email notification system that alerts researchers to new or updated opportunities which align with their research interests. SMARTS is connected to the funding opportunities listed in the Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) database (see below).  In order to receive notifications, faculty and staff must register for an account via SPIN.  

Would you like to receive email notifications containing funding opportunities which align with your interests?  If so, contact the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (sponsoredresearch@hope.edu), to request an account. Additionally, the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs offers a SMARTS Enrollment Guide to assist faculty and staff in creating their account. 


Hope College subscribes to the Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) database. SPIN is accessible from any computer connected to the internet through the campus network. Faculty and staff may create an account to access SPIN from an off-campus computer; please contact the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (sponsoredresearch@hope.edu) to receive assistance in creating your account.  

Would you like training on the use of SPIN?  If so, please contact the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (sponsoredresearch@hope.edu).