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Past Programs

All travel learning programs are guided by Hope College faculty and occasionally expert alumni. Here are the trips from the last 25 years.

2024 Vietnam: Highlights of Vietnam
Dr. Fred Johnson III
2024 Costa Rica: Coffee, Cloud Forest and Coast
Dr. Tom Bultman ’78
2023 England: The Liberal Arts in London and the Countryside
Tom and Cheryl Smith
2021 Alaska: Glacier Bay & Inside Passage Travis Williams ’97 and Dave Van Wylen
2020 New Zealand Adventure Dave and Pat Van Wylen
2019 Discovering the Balkans Don Luidens
2019 Tanzania Safari Eldon Greij and Tim Laman ’83
2017 Tanzania Safari
(magazine article, blog post, photos)
Eldon Greij and Tim Laman ’83
2014 Central Europe Danube Cruise
Don Luidens
2010 Mediterranean Cruise Don Luidens and Roger Nemeth
2008 New Zealand Harvey Blankespoor
2006 Vienna (50th Anniversary of the Vienna Summer School) Stephen Hemenway and Neal Sobania
2006 Dubrovnik and Sarajevo (Vienna post-tour)(photos) Neal Sobania and Bob Donia
2004 East Africa Harvey Blankespoor
2002 Russian River Cruise; Moscow, St. Petersburg Larry Penrose
2001 Ireland and England Bill Reynolds
2000 Germany, Switzerland & the Netherlands Sander and Georgia DeHaan
1999 Spain, Portugal and Morocco Ion and Pat Agheana
1998 Costa Rica Greg Murray and Kathy Winnett-Murray
1997 Scandinavia John and Marilyn Tammi
1996 Vienna (40th Anniversary of the Vienna Summer School) Paul Fried
1994 Sicily and Italy Ion Agheana
1993 England, Scotland, and Wales Tony Muiderman
1992 The Changing Face of Europe Sander and Georgia DeHaan