The Kruizenga Art Museum aims to educate, engage and inspire the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Hope College — as well as the broader communities of Holland and West Michigan.

Aerial view of the Kruizenga Art MuseumAs a teaching museum, the Kruizenga Art Museum strives to be a center for curiosity, inspiration and cultural exploration. By displaying artworks from a wide range of cultures and historical periods, the museum aims to foster the qualities of empathy, tolerance and understanding in all of our visitors.

Thanks to the generosity of our patrons, the Kruizenga Museum’s collection is constantly growing. In an increasingly diverse and global age, it is important for the KAM to collect and exhibit images and objects that can help tell as many different stories as possible. The Kruizenga Museum collection reflects patterns of cross-cultural exchange that in some cases are centuries old and yet continue to shape our world today.

We welcome you to explore the exhibitions with an open mind. The exhibitions were not designed to be seen in a certain sequence, and we encourage you to draw your own connections between the artworks.

If you have any comments or questions about the exhibitions or the Kruizenga Museum collection, please feel free to contact the museum.