/ Kruizenga Art Museum


With a teaching collection of over 4,500 pieces, the museum has opportunities for everyone to engage, foster and grow in their global perspectives.

Gallery imageThe Founding Collection

The museum’s founding collection includes approximately 3,500 works of art that have been donated to, or purchased by, Hope College since 1965. Approximately half of the artworks in the founding collection come from Europe and the Americas, while the other half come from Asia and Africa. The collection dates from 300 BCE to the present and span a broad range of genres and media, including:

  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Prints
  • Decorative arts
  • Religious objects

The collection is a teaching collection. It emphasizes works of art that offer potential for instruction and learning in a variety of academic disciplines from the humanities to the sciences. Some works in the collection are by well-known artists, but the collection is not, nor is it intended to be, a collection of art historical masterpieces.

As befits a museum at a liberal arts college, many of the artworks in the museum collection reflect diverse ways of thinking about and living in the world. They illustrate how people in different times and places have grappled with issues involving social and cultural identity, economic and technological change, and the influence of political and religious ideologies. The eclectic but well-balanced nature of the collection lends itself to multicultural and interdisciplinary study and provides a solid base for future growth.