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The quality of the Kruizenga Art Museum experience is made possible by our donors.

Gallery B, opening exhibitA gift of art, or financial donation for art acquisitions, ensure that the Kruizenga Art Museum can continue to carry out its mission to make its collection relevant to teaching and research across the college and community through special exhibitions, events, publications and class visits.

A gift of art may be made:

  • An outright gift of artwork may allow you the benefit of a charitable deduction for income tax purposes.
  • A gift of artwork through your estate not only allows you to keep your artwork for the remainder of your life but ensures it will have a proper home when you are no longer able to care for it. A testamentary intention also may provide inheritance/estate tax relief.

Support for the Kruizenga Art Museum through current gifting:

  • Establish an endowed fund or current fund is a visionary and generous act that will benefit the KAM and the college. It will give the museum a competitive edge now and far into the future.
  • Collection, Program, Internship and Lectureship current and endowed funds are all highly resourceful fund opportunities that would benefit the growth and love of art, culture and research.

A fund is considered endowed once it is funded by donations of at least $25,000.