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Housing & Dining

We are excited to welcome students back to campus for the spring semester and know that student participation in residential, dining, social and recreational activities will continue to look different in the current environment. 


Housing Cohorts
One important aspect of residential life will be Hope housing cohorts, small groups of students united as a community by their housing location, such as a cottage, residential hall floor/cluster or apartment. These cohorts will serve as a point of connection and engagement for residents. Together, cohort members will create and honor expectations for living in their shared space, with the goal of ensuring a sense of both security and comfort in their home. We will continue to provide details about how housing cohorts will operate. We also are working on guidelines for shared areas in residence halls, such as bathrooms and lounges.
Isolation/Quarantine Housing
We have a comprehensive quarantine and isolation housing plan for the semester, with a commitment to providing the best possible experience for any students who need to be housed in separate accommodations. A team of Hope employees is dedicated to this issue, and they have identified several housing areas that will serve as either quarantine or isolation housing. If a student needs to be quarantined or isolated, we will make sure that they not only have a place to live, but also that they have reliable access to technology and dining. Each student in isolation or quarantine will have one-on-one access to a COVID Health Advocate who can help answer any questions, concerns or needs they may have.
Can I go home to isolate or quarantine?
  • If a student wishes to go home for isolation or quarantine, they may do so unless we are instructed otherwise by the local health department.  Please be aware that there are a few public health-related rules about going home to quarantine/isolate, including:
  • The student may not use public transportation to go home.
  • If the student is ill, someone (e.g., a family member) must be responsible to pick them up in their personal vehicle.
  • The student will be in isolation on campus until they are picked up.
  • Once the student is at home, public health guidelines should be followed strictly.
  • The student may return to campus once they have met appropriate college and public health guidelines to be cleared.
  • We continue to work closely with Cindy Sabo, director of Hope’s Health Center, and the Ottawa County Department of Public Health to determine how best to care for students who are in quarantine and isolation.  
We’re ready for you! For more information on our staggered move-in process, please visit this page.


Students have enough to keep them busy without having to be concerned about whether it’s safe to eat on campus. Here’s an overview of our plan to ensure that we serve Hope College students safely every day. 

The Creative Dining Services COVID-19 Task Force is following the most recent information, advice and direction from top authorities, including the Center of Disease Control, National Restaurant Association and State of Michigan Executive Orders. As information changes, we are ready to pivot to meet the needs and safety requirements. 

As Hope's campus hospitality provider, we want you to feel confident and assured that we are taking every possible precaution to minimize the spread of any virus and to keep our guests safe.

View a summary of our plan (PDF)