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HopeHealth Benefit

The HopeHealth Benefit is available to all full-time, on-campus, degree-seeking students. It provides students up to $1,000 in health care benefits when services are accessed through the Hope Health Center.

  • Effective dates:
    • August 27–December 17, 2021
    • January 7–May 6, 2022
  • All Hope students registered for 12+ credits in the current semester automatically have the HopeHealth benefit as part of their tuition package
  • Part-time students may use our services, but are not covered under the HopeHealth Benefit.
  • Benefit is available only during the Hope Health Center operating hours
  • Benefit is not usable during any of the scheduled school breaks

HopeHealth Benefit covers 100 percent of the following costs when the student seeks healthcare in the Hope Health center (up to a maximum of $1,000 per student per school year).

Sickness visits to Hope Health Center
  • Office visit fees for mental health and acute/chronic illnesses are covered
  • Testing for sexually transmitted disease is covered (screening testing may be limited)
  • Radiology and/or laboratory fees related to the office visit when ordered by Health Center staff
Injury visits to Hope Health Center
  • Office visit fees for injuries are covered
  • Radiology fees related to office visit when ordered by Health Center staff
  • Includes cost for on-site supplies such as slings, braces, wraps, splints, etc.
  • Athletic trainer visits for non-collegiate athletes are available by appointment but may be limited
Women's healthcare visits to Hope Health Center
  • Yearly exam and fees associated with laboratory testing ordered by Health Center staff are covered
Prescription medication

Prescription medications that are dispensed from the Health Center will be covered with the following conditions:

  • The student will be assessed a prescription medicine co-pay, based upon the cost of the medication, using the following scale:
    • Up to $50: $5 co-pay
    • $51 - $100: $10 co-pay
    • $101 - $150: $20 co-pay
    • More than $150: $30 co-pay
  • Only prescription medications prescribed by and stocked in the Hope Health Center will be covered
Preventive Services provided at Hope Health Center
  • Tuberculosis skin testing 
  • Athletic physicals for recognized college teams are covered
  • Immunizations that are required for attendance at Hope College are covered
  • Yearly flu vaccine is covered
Academic Class Requirements 

Laboratory testing required for academic classes will be covered if performed in the Health Center.

HopeHealth Benefit will not cover

Refer to your major medical coverage for the following:

  • Travel immunizations*
  • Emergency room and/or urgent care centers
  • Referrals to off-campus specialists 
  • Orthotics
  • Physical therapy
  • MRI, ultrasound or CT scan 
  • ADD and/or ADHD diagnosis, follow-up and treatment
  • Wart treatment
  • Medications not carried on-site in the health center
  • Dental related concerns
  • Laboratory fees related to home doctor lab orders*
  • Off campus study

* Service is available at the Hope Health Center. Students may choose to pay for the service or have fees placed onto their student account. An insurance statement can be requested if students wish to submit the charges to their major medical insurance for reimbursement.


Full-time students may use their HopeHealth Benefit to cover their expenses. Students who have reached the yearly maximum may choose to place fees onto their student account or pay with cash/check at the time of service.

Fees for over-the-counter medications and prescription co-pays may be paid with cash/check or placed onto the student's account.

Part-time students may pay by cash/check or have their fees placed onto their student account.

Students may request an insurance statement for coverage of services not covered under the HopeHealth benefit. The student is responsible to submit this to their major medical provider.