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Duplication of Materials

  1. Maximum Number of Copies

    Normally the library maintains only one copy of each title. The maximum recommended number of copies for any location (including Reserves) is two.

  2. When Duplication is Acceptable
    1. When material is authored by a member of the Hope College faculty
    2. When material is about local history
    3. When branch libraries need duplication of major reference sources
    4. When material is heavily used.
  3. Audio-visual

    If the libraries already own a title on VHS tape, request for the DVD version of the title will be considered if a reason exists for doing so, such as the inclusion of enhanced or added content in the DVD release, ease of use, general format flexibility, and content up-loading ability in accordance with fair use. Decisions regarding these purchases will be made by a librarian.

  4. Microform

    If the libraries already hold a title in microform, paper copies should not be purchased unless special need can be demonstrated. Items available in the Library of American Civilization microform collection may be purchased in paper copy format.

  5. Electronic Books

    Items available as electronic books may be purchased in paper copy format.

  6. Reserve Material

    One copy meets the needs of reserve usage for the normal class of 20–30 students. Some faculty place multiple copies of items they own on reserve.

  7. Serials

    The high cost of purchasing and maintaining serials requires that duplication of these may occur only in unusual circumstances.

(Last revised September 2009.)