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Material Formats Excluded

Certain formats are not currently acquired because the libraries lack the necessary projecting, listening and/or reproduction devices, for example, 16 mm films, laserdiscs, and filmstrips.

Some materials are generally not acquired because they cannot be readily handled in a library setting:

  1. College-level programmed texts, workbooks, answer sheets, or standardized tests
  2. Periodical article reprints
  3. Ephemera, defined as printed items with little or no permanent value, such as pamphlets, posters, press releases, leaflets, newspaper clippings, and transcripts, is not collected.
  4. The UNESCO definition of a book is a collection of 49 or more printed pages. A collection of fewer than 49 printed pages is considered a pamphlet and hence is not collected. Common exceptions include children’s books, music scores, plays, and art catalogs. Other exceptions may be made at the discretion of a librarian.
  5. Blu-ray.

(Last revised September 2009.)