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Electronic Resources

This policy covers electronic materials acquired for the library's collection that are available for use by the Hope College community.

Staff productivity software is not included in this policy.

Selection Considerations

Electronic resources are, in many ways, like any other library material and library staff follow the same selection procedures (e.g., scope, authority, price, etc.). There are, however, some unique aspects to electronic resources that must be considered: the accessibility of the data and interface, metadata quality, user privacy policies, the availability of COUNTER use statistics, and perpetual access/archiving rights.

As most electronic resources require the negotiation of a license, library staff also review license terms, asking vendors/publishers to modify/delete indemnification clauses, keep legal jurisdiction in Michigan, and remove confidentiality clauses. Other considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • How will access be regulated (e.g., IP verification, login/password)?
  • Is off-campus access possible?
  • How many simultaneous users are allowed?
  • Is the content purchased or subscribed?
  • If content is purchased, are there annual access fees?
  • Are there any printing or interlibrary loan limitations?

(Last revised October 2020.)