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Serials include periodicals, newspapers, annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc.), journals and numbered monographic series.

Library staff selectively purchase a wide range of serial publications.

Serials serve as a major source of current information in many academic disciplines and complement the library's book collection. Because each serial title involves a prospective long-term commitment of funds, and because of the increasing cost of these subscriptions, acquisition of new titles requires serious consideration.

Development of the serials collection is a cooperative activity involving faculty and librarians, with final selection responsibility belonging to the librarians.

  1. General Serial Selection Guidelines

    The primary criterion used to evaluate and select a serial subscription is the title's support of the educational program of the college. Efforts should be made to achieve a balance among the various departments in ordering serials, keeping in mind the differential reliance upon serial publications and their varying costs.

    Other important considerations are:

    • Accessibility through indexing and abstracting services/subscription databases
    • Subscription price
    • Availability/pricing through interlibrary loan or other document delivery services
    • Interlibrary loan requests
    • Presence on a core-titles list for a department or an accrediting agency
    • Appropriateness for the level of study of the subject at the college
    • Positive reviews in professional literature

    The collection will be examined regularly in order to evaluate its continued adherence to the above considerations.

    To initiate a request for a serials subscription, the requester must complete the Journal Request Form. Specific requirements and procedures are indicated on the request form.

  2. Serial Format Selection Guidelines
    • Electronic

      In order to maximize access and minimize space constraints, the library subscribes to serial publications electronically if the electronic version of a title may be obtained through a stable, cost-efficient source.

      For scholarly journals that directly support the Hope College curriculum, electronic format is preferred.

    • Print

      The purpose of our current print periodical collection is to support current news awareness from a variety of voices and viewpoints and encourage leisure reading. We will consider subscribing to print periodicals if they fill a departmental or curricular need, are unavailable electronically, or if the quality of the electronic version is unacceptable.

(Last revised October 2020.)