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Significant Books by 20th Century African Authors

Recent Library Blog Posts

  1. Hope Primo Unavailable May 29–May 30

    Posted by Technical Services

    Hope Primo, the library’s online catalog and discovery service, will be unavailable from 9:00 p...

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  2. Hope College Digital Commons 10-Year Birthday

    Posted by Jeremy Barney, Assistant Librarian for Metadata and Digital Collections

    Hope College Digital Commons, the college’s Van Wylen Library-supported institutional repositor...

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  3. Library Services During COVID-19

    Posted by Kelly Jacobsma

    Library Rules Under COVID-19 Masks (covering both nose and mouth) are required in all public area...

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  4. Hope College Library Remote Services

    Posted by Michelle Yost

    Until further notice, the Van Wylen Library and Theil Research Center are closed to the public, i...

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