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Activating your Visa Card

Activate your card

  1. Call the number listed on the sticker on the front of your card
  2. Press 1 for English
  3. Enter the 16-digit card number shown on the front of the card and the “#” key
  4. Use your four-digit birth year as the “activation code” and press the “#” key
  5. Remove the sticker

 Set a four-digit “pin number”

  1. Call the number on the back of your card
  2. Press 1 for English
  3. Enter the 16-digit card number shown on the front of the card and the “#” key
  4. Enter the four-digit “activation code” (your birth year) and the “#” key
  5. Press 3 to change the pin number
  6. Enter the three digits listed on the back of the credit card with the white background
  7. Enter your selected four-digit pin and the “#” key
    Note: Business Services cannot retrieve this number, so make it something easy to remember!
  8. Reenter your four-digit pin and the “#” key
Making a Purchase
  • Your card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (domestic or international)
  • Use your four-digit “pin number” when prompted
  • The address associated with the card is:

    100 E. 8th Street, Suite 280
    Holland, MI 49423

Travel and Entertainment Expense Policy

Documenting your Purchase
  • Follow college policy
  • Load receipts into your Certify account. You may load a receipt for a charge of any amount, but receipts are required for charges over $35. Itemized, dated and original receipts are preferred. There are a variety of ways to upload a receipt to Certify:
    • App — Take pictures of your receipts with your cell phone and load those pictures into your account. You must have the Certify Mobile app downloaded on your cell phone.
    • Email — Any receipts sent to your email can be forwarded to receipts@certify.com. This works if the receipt is in the body of the email or if it is an attachment to the email. Additionally, you can take pictures on your phone and send that via email to receipts@certify.com. The email must come from your @hope.edu email unless you have added a personal email to your Certify account. 
    • Upload — Any receipts saved to your desktop can be uploaded into Certify.
    • Receipt Integration — Vendors such as Lyft and Uber have the ability to automatically load your receipts into Certify. This will be set up on the vendor's app. 
    • Fax — You can send a receipt via fax to Certify. It will be loaded into your Certify wallet.  
  • Include the following information in the business reason field if it is not included elsewhere (much of this is easily covered by a receipt):
    • Who”— For whom was this expense incurred? If this was a meal, who attended the meal? If this was an entertainment expense, who attended?
    • What”— What items were purchased?
    • Where”— At what location did the expense occur? What restaurant? What store? What city?
    • When”— What date was this expense incurred? Does this purchase relate to an event that already occurred or will occur? 
    • Reason”— What was the business purpose of this expense? How does this purchase support the mission of the college? How can we support that this was not a personal expenditure that should be reported as compensation?
    • Five-digit fund number and four-digit account number (account number listing)
  • Submit an expense report for approval about once per month (12 per year). No report needs to be submitted if there are no charges on the Visa card. Certify will send the report to the appropriate budget manager based on what five-digit fund number is used.   
  • Complete an expense report before the expense is 60 days old. You are required to turn in expenses before they age 90 days per college policy and IRS standards. After 90 days, your card will be deactivated.
  • Need help using Certify? Please view our Certify Manual.
Dispute a Charge
If you believe an item on your statement is in error, please fill out a Credit Card Dispute Form.

Other Forms

Forms must be printed, signed and submitted to Business Services for processing.