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Worship Team Application

Participating in the worship team at Hope is both exciting and demanding.

Because of the nature of the chapel ministry at a college campus, team members must possess commitment, responsibility, competent mastery of their instrument and the heart of a worshiper.

Auditions are conducted each spring for the following year.

This application process is intended to be thorough to ensure that students are released with confidence into the use of their gift. Please do not begin filling out the paperwork for the audition process until you have talked with Bruce Benedict or attended the informational meeting.


Each applicant is required to submit a written application that includes two parts:

  1. Part One: Fill out the online application form.
  2. Part Two: Submit two or three recommendations.  A link to Part Two will be emailed to you by Bruce Benedict after the application form is received. One person making this recommendation needs to be a pastor.

Apply Online

After reviewing applications, the Chaplain of Worship and Arts will request an audition if the applicant’s written application indicates a good fit for the vacant positions on the team.

What to expect in the audition:

Come prepared to lead a song that is familiar to our regular chapel song rotation. You will also be expected to create a harmony part for a song that you have never sung before. In some circumstances, if current team members are available, you will be singing harmonies in two parts.

Further personal interviews will also be conducted.

Worship team members are expected to:

  • Maintain and exemplify the life of a disciple of Christ
  • Regularly participate in some kind of spiritual accountability, whether in a local church or a small group
  • Maintain their academic course load with integrity
  • Consider the worship team their main extra-curricular activity (team members are discouraged from participating any other major extra-curricular activities)
  • Rehearse and participate in at most two services per week (most likely either one chapel and one Gathering or two chapels)
  • Be available for chapel rehearsals at 7 a.m. the morning of that chapel
  • Be available for Wednesday night rehearsals (8–10 p.m.) for the next Sunday’s Gathering
  • Report to campus a week prior to the beginning of school in August
  • Regularly practice their instruments
  • Develop their understanding of worship and the theology of worship by engaging weekly one-page readings that are posted on the worship team Moodle site

Our mission

The mission of the chapel worship ministry is two-fold: to glorify God through the ministry of worship on the Hope College campus and to reach the church at large both locally and globally.

The later part of this mission is accomplished by:

  • Providing Hope College students with mentoring, training and ministry experience that will build their ministry to the church upon graduation
  • Writing and recording original worship music that is both spiritually invigorating and theologically sound